About 3 brothers film

Founded in 2011, 3 Brothers Film started as an outlet for us to share our love of film with others. Whether by reviewing old classics in retrospectives, discussing major releases in roundtables, or writing essays on topics in films that struck our imaginations, we hoped to get at the heart of how films made us think and feel. Along the way, we hoped a few likeminded lovers of film would follow us in our adventures through celluloid.

Today, 3 Brothers Film has grown beyond its modest beginnings. With thousands of monthly readers and a large backlog of content delving into the history of cinema, we realize there's an audience beyond our family and friends for our kind of film writing.

Our method for approaching film remains the same as it was when we started in 2011. We seek to understand film in all its varied aspects, from Hollywood blockbusters to indie features, from established classics to overlooked gems, from the silent era to the age of the multiplex and beyond. We also believe that understanding a movie involves more than just watching it—it involves talking about it, reading about it, maybe even writing about it. That's why 3 Brothers Film exists.

At 3 Brothers Film, we review not only the newest releases, but also old classics, cult flicks, and random oldies. Criticism is about more than just evaluation, though, so we also offer in-depth features and knowledgable, thought-provoking essays.

Understanding film is a dialogue. We brothers are talking. We hope you’ll join the conversation.


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